In Cougar Territory, Cubs Just Take the Lead

By Marcelle S. Fischler

  • Nov. 14, 2009
  • Into the swirl of attention around older females coupling with younger males, it appears the inventors are increasingly the people on the prowl.

    A founder of, has been playing host monthly to “Cougar/Boy Toy” speed-dating events over the last year, Amber Soletti. And despite research to your contrary, it will be the males, she yet others state, who’re clamoring for lots more.

    “We’ve needed to turn away guys at every event,” she said. Ten guys were on the waiting list at most one that is recent.

    Casey Mizzone, 31, an instructor from Hoboken, N.J., made the cut during the “Cougar/Boy Toy” on Nov. 4 at the Watering Hole, a New York bar night. He’d been wait-listed the past month. Older ladies, Mr. Mizzone stated, “are not too nitpicky, so naggy; there’s perhaps not really a complete large amount of stress.”

    He had been certainly one of 16 males to have an opportunity to fulfill, for four minutes every, the 15 ladies during the occasion, which typically attracts more cubs than cougars. The guys had been 23 to 31 years old; the ladies 35 to 56.

    Ms. Soletti stated the appeal for the guys is the fact that older ladies are more sophisticated and, honestly, more sexually skilled. Read more